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, Taizhou Zenghui Vehicle Co., Ltd.was established in 2000, (formerly Taizhou Zenghui Electric Vehicle Factory). We are a professional enterprise dedicated to research and development of electric tricycle electric four-wheel electric motorbike with our own factory and assembly plant. We have passed the ISO9001...




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Product features of electric wheelchair


1. Intelligent operation control lever, which can be controlled by both left and right hands 2. The wheelchair armrest is also lifted, and the pedals can be adjusted and removed. 3...

Solid and pneumatic tires of older scooters


We all know that the tires of the old scooters have solid tires and pneumatic tires. So, which kind of solid tires and inflatable tires for elderly scooters are durable? Electric s...

Main items for maintenance and repair of electric elderly scooters(2)


Fuses and tires If the fuse turns on the battery charger switch, the LED does not light up. Check the fuse. It is recommended that the steering wheel cover be removed before replac...

Main items for maintenance and repair of electric elderly scooters(1)


Before driving an electric elderly scooter, check the following. If abnormality is found, please contact the dealer for further inspection or ask for suggestions before use. Steeri...

Fresh-keeping skills of old scooters


Fresh-keeping skills of old scooters The charging time of the old scooters is controlled: Do not charge it for too long in normal times. In summer, the battery has a high probabili...

The role of the buzzer sound of old scooters


With the acceleration of the aging of the population, the scooters of the old age have already entered everyone's horizons. It is well known that the scooters of the old age are a ...