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, Taizhou Zenghui Vehicle Co., Ltd.was established in 2000, (formerly Taizhou Zenghui Electric Vehicle Factory). We are a professional enterprise dedicated to research and development of electric tricycle electric four-wheel electric motorbike with our own factory and assembly plant. We have passed the ISO9001...




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How to use the electric car alarm


   Nowadays, electric vehicles are becoming more and more advanced. In the past, to prevent theft, there was a lock on the front wheel and a lock on the rear wheel. A battery lock ...

Fire prevention knowledge of Four-wheel electric vehicles


Four-wheel Electric vehicles can be seen everywhere in our lives, and there are more and more people riding electric vehicles. Popularize the fire protection awareness of electric ...

What is the working principle of an Electric 3 wheeler controller


The controller is composed of peripheral devices and the main chip (or single-chip microcomputer). The peripheral devices are some functional devices, such as execution, sampling, ...

Precautions for charging electric wheelchairs


First, remember to charge the Disabled electric tricycle at a high temperature. In the sweltering heat, the electric wheelchair itself will generate a certain amount of heat during...

How to maintain electric bicycles after rain


It rains and brings a lot of inconvenience to people who travel, especially those who ride electric bicycles. Then let's summarize how to maintain electric bicycles after rain. Fir...

The difference between 48v electric car and 60v electric car


Electric vehicle (https://www.chinascooters.net/) technology has been developing. Until now, the more common configurations of electric vehicles are 48v and 60v electric vehicles. ...