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, Taizhou Zenghui Vehicle Co., Ltd.was established in 2000, (formerly Taizhou Zenghui Electric Vehicle Factory). We are a professional enterprise dedicated to research and development of electric tricycle electric four-wheel electric motorbike with our own factory and assembly plant. We have passed the ISO9001...




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The demand for electric tricycle market continues to increase


With the continuous expansion of the electric tricycle industry, the market demand continues to increase, bringing new opportunities for the development of the electric tricycle in...

Use and maintenance of Electric tricycle


Electric tricycles use clean electric energy, have no waste gas pollution, and have the advantages of simple operation, low noise, moderate price, and convenient maintenance. They ...

What to pay attention to for electric tricycle batteries


Under normal circumstances, a fully enclosed electric tricycle can be charged as long as the charger is plugged in, and it will automatically "change the light" after it is fully c...

What should be paid attention to when charging a new electrical motorbike


The popularity of electrical motorbike makes it a standard transportation for many citizens. But the battery has frequent problems, what is going on? In fact, most of the batteries...

How to repair electric three-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles


The main points of judging whether the electrical motorbike is good or bad The three wires of the handlebar are red positive, black negative, and green signal. (There are also mult...

How to choose electric vehicle motor


We all know the four major accessories of electric vehicles, batteries, motors, chargers, and controllers. The motor should be brushless as far as possible. As for motors, there ar...