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, Taizhou Zenghui Vehicle Co., Ltd.was established in 2000, (formerly Taizhou Zenghui Electric Vehicle Factory). We are a professional enterprise dedicated to research and development of electric tricycle electric four-wheel electric motorbike with our own factory and assembly plant. We have passed the ISO9001...




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Various electric car purchase methods


The first is face. When you identify a brand or a car, the first thing is of course the appearance. The craftsmanship and level of the paint directly affects the first impression o...

The progress of electric vehicles in China


As a green sunrise industry, electric vehicles have been developed in China for ten years. In terms of electric bicycles, at the end of 2010, China’s electric bicycles have reached...

Electric vehicle introduction and economic contribution


Electric vehicles, that is, electric drive vehicles, also known as electric drives. Electric vehicles are divided into AC electric vehicles and DC electric vehicles. Generally spea...

India wins US anti-dumping case on steel threaded rod


WASHINGTON, AUG 7: An independent US quasi-judicial federal agency has ruled against imposing any anti-dumping duty against certain categories of steel threaded rod from India. The...

Steel Dynamics to Acquire Vulcan Threaded Products to Expand Finishing


"During 2015, we identified the pursuit of higher-margin downstream business opportunities that utilize our steel products in their manufacturing processes, as one of our target gr...

Ditch the threaded rod in your RepRap 3D printer and upgrade to a lead screw z-axis


provided 3D printable files and a detailed walkthrough for upgrading the Z-axis of a Prusa i3 RepRap 3D printer with a lead screw. Not for the first time and certainly not for the ...