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, Taizhou Zenghui Vehicle Co., Ltd.was established in 2000, (formerly Taizhou Zenghui Electric Vehicle Factory). We are a professional enterprise dedicated to research and development of electric tricycle electric four-wheel electric motorbike with our own factory and assembly plant. We have passed the ISO9001...




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Method for protecting electric vehicle battery


The battery is the most important part of the electric tricycle accessories. The quality of the battery directly affects the entire electric tricycle. Therefore, we should protect ...

Electric tricycle daily maintenance knowledge (1)


1. When adjusting the height of the handlebar, pay attention to the safety line of the riser should not be exposed outside the front fork lock. 2. When adjusting the height of the ...

Reduce the bulging of batteries in electric wheelchairs


In the hot summer days, under the high temperature, the phenomenon of battery bulging is more and more, which has caused serious problems for consumers' psychological safety, and a...

Electric scooter road rights problem


Electric scooter "road rights" problem. China's current technical standards for electric scooters and electric bicycles were formulated more than ten years ago. Important technical...

Electric scooter is based on environmental protection


Electric scooters rely on environmental protection as a foothold to survive. It is a representative of the new energy industry during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. But itself is ...

Method of extending battery life(2)


4. Pay attention to battery waterproof Nowadays in the summer, the rain will become more and more, users need to prevent the battery from getting water. If the battery is wet, wipe...