What to pay attention to for electric tricycle batteries


Under normal circumstances, a fully enclosed electric t […]

Under normal circumstances, a fully enclosed electric tricycle can be charged as long as the charger is plugged in, and it will automatically "change the light" after it is fully charged. However, if the quality of the charger is unqualified or the charging setting parameters drift after a period of use, it will cause undercharge or overcharge. Therefore, when there is a problem with the new battery, the charger used should be tested.

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The detection method of electric vehicle charger is as follows:

1. No-load voltage. No-load voltage refers to the voltage when the charger is connected to the power supply and the output terminal is not connected to the battery. It should be noted that the no-load voltage of some original chargers is 0v, that is, the no-load voltage is 0v. There is no voltage output in the state and cannot be measured.

2. Constant voltage load voltage. Load voltage refers to the voltage across the battery when the charger is normally charged. Changzhou, Changzhou electric vehicle manufacturers analyze the charger detection but the voltage value is changed when the current voltage of the battery continues to rise to the constant voltage charging state.

Other issues to note

1. The charger problem. In order to reduce the cost, many miscellaneous charger manufacturers use circuit boards and internal electronic components that are of poor quality and are easily damaged and the charging voltage is either high or low. The use of such chargers will inevitably affect the battery durability and mileage!

2. Controller problem. Some controllers are of poor quality. Due to the workmanship, control panel, and inaccurate parameters, the current is too large, the undervoltage value is offset, etc., which affect the "control play" of the battery power, leading to shortened mileage and early termination of the battery life!

3. Brake power failure. Without the brake, power failure is prone to danger. Accelerating the speed and adjusting the brakes will not return the brakes to "run" with the brakes, which will make the whole vehicle components "fatigue work" and waste a lot of power! Run away, repair it if there is no brake or power failure! It is more for safety! The battery of the electric car is normal but the reason is not for the longevity of the battery!