What should be paid attention to when charging a new electrical motorbike


The popularity of electrical motorbike makes it a stand […]

The popularity of electrical motorbike makes it a standard transportation for many citizens. But the battery has frequent problems, what is going on? In fact, most of the batteries on the market are of qualified quality. Therefore, the problem is largely in the use and maintenance. In particular, carelessness in charging will cause problems such as shortened battery life. Then the new electrical motorbike charging precautions.

1. The electrical motorbike must be used up before charging, but it cannot be used up. When the electrical motorbike is newly purchased, the battery will not be too full, but it will not be too low, unless it is an old battery or a low-quality battery. When you use it, you should estimate the approximate distance you can travel based on the merchant's estimate, so as not to run out of electricity or run out of electricity. When the electric motorbike battery level display has reached a grid, you should consider not to ride and prepare to charge.

2. Charging time, because the battery has not been charged or discharged when it is not used at the factory, so the normal operation of the battery must be ensured. Under normal circumstances, the charging time is about 5-6 hours, and the battery can be fully charged, and the subsequent use can be charged a little longer.

3. After charging, the second time is considered to be a new car charging. At this time, you can let the electrical motorbike run out of power, and then perform a long-term charge. This charge can last for 8-9 or even 10 hours. Let the electrical motorbike chemical reaction go through a complete cycle.

4. When charging, the charger may heat up very quickly. Therefore, especially in summer, do not place the charger on objects that are prone to heat or burn, nor place it on the seat of an electrical motorbike. Prevent fire, because many people experience spontaneous combustion of electrical motorbike while charging, so please be careful.

In short, the maintenance and maintenance of electrical motorbike batteries is very important, especially the correctness of the charging method of new motor vehicles directly affects the service life of the battery, and even improper charging methods may cause fire and other safety hazards. I hope everyone will pay more attention to it.