What should be paid attention to during the use of the elderly scooter battery


If you master some skills when using an intelligent eld […]

If you master some skills when using an intelligent elderly scooter, the elderly will have a longer service life and better performance. The following are some basic common sense issues for elderly electric vehicle batteries:
    Q: What are the safety precautions when using the battery for elderly scooters?
    A: 01 The battery should not be close to open flames or high-temperature heat sources. The battery should not be thrown into fire or immersed in water. Direct exposure or charging in the sun is strictly prohibited;
    02 The battery should not be placed in a closed container, and should be well ventilated;
    03 If the battery shell is found to be broken or leaking, the battery must be replaced;
    04 The electrolyte is an acidic solution. If it gets on the skin or clothing, it must be rinsed with plenty of water immediately, and if severe, it must be sent to the hospital for treatment;
    05 The battery shall not be short-circuited and shall not be used upside down.
    Q: Why does the battery of the elderly scooter explode, how to prevent it?
    A: Lead-acid batteries do not explode. The reason why they explode is:
    01 The power box is too sealed, and the hydrogen generated at the end of the battery charging cannot escape;
    02 The power connection cable is loose, aging or exposed, sparks are generated when the key is connected and discharged, or sparks are generated due to uneven road vibration to ignite hydrogen;
    03 The fuse holder on the power supply box is loose. During the charging and discharging process of the battery, heat or sparks are generated. The hydrogen gas is ignited and the gas expands, breaking the battery cover.
    Q: When is the best time to charge the battery for electric senior citizens?
    A: When the pointer of the electric quantity indicator on the electric senior scooter is at the lowest or near the lowest position, it is the best to charge the elderly electric scooter, which is beneficial to the service life of the battery.

If the daily mileage is within 2-3km, it is recommended that you do not charge, that is to say, do not charge for short mileage, or charge frequently, otherwise the battery life will be terminated early.