What matters should be paid attention to when inflating electric vehicle tires


Three wheeled motorcycle manufacturers remind us that i […]

Three wheeled motorcycle manufacturers remind us that in addition to battery test, the electric vehicle also has its tires. The tires provide the most basic guarantee for its driving. If there is a problem with the tire, the electric vehicle will not be able to drive. Therefore, when inflating the tires of electric vehicles, we must pay attention to grasp the proper size.
If the tire pressure of an electric vehicle tire is too low, it will cause excessive flexing of the sidewall, causing excessive heating of the tire, causing the carcass to relax, the strength to drop, degumming or even destruction. At the same time, the ground contact area of ​​the tire is increased, and the wear on the shoulder part is accelerated. If one of the twin tires is flat, most of the vehicle's load will be concentrated on the other tire while driving, causing severe overload. If the tire pressure is too high, the tire cord will be stretched too much, and in severe cases, it will be pulled off. In addition, the ground contact area of ​​the tire will be reduced, and the load per unit area of ​​the tire will be increased. As a result, the crown part will wear faster and the crown rupture will be easily generated.


Properly inflate the tires of electric vehicles, so that the driving can reach the desired level, and at the same time, the service life of the tires can be extended. Excessive or insufficient inflation not only threatens safety, but also makes the wear uneven, making your driving more unstable and more likely to cause damage due to overheating. Insufficient inflation will accelerate battery power consumption. Therefore, the user checks the air pressure with a barometer at least once a month, and checks the pressure in the tire when the tire cools.