What is the difference between an electric car and a moped


Now Linyi Street is all electric vehicles, mopeds and o […]

Now Linyi Street is all electric vehicles, mopeds and other means of transportation, then someone asked what is the difference between electric cars and mopeds, do not all have to use electricity? The electric vehicle manufacturer will summarize it for everyone.
To put it simply, the difference between the two is that the moped must be stepped on before it can be powered by the power supply, and the foot stops pedaling but does not supply power; while the electric bicycle is like an ordinary locomotive, turning the grip can advance with electricity The design of the moped is simply to add an electric assist device to the general bicycle, so that the driver can save energy during riding, and can easily face the climb. Unlike bicycles, mopeds are regulated by laws and regulations, and must pass the inspection before they can be legally on the road. The inspection and verification of Taiwan's mopeds is currently conducted by the domestic and foreign organizations entrusted by the Ministry of Transport of Taiwan to handle matters related to the safety inspection of electric assisted bicycles or electric bicycles-the Bicycle and Health Technology Industrial Research and Development Center (CHC).
Electric vehicles use electricity as energy and a new type of transportation that does not produce pollutants. There are many types of vehicles, but one thing in common is that electricity is used as energy.

1. According to the shape, it can be divided into electric unicycle, electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, electric tricycle and electric four-wheeled vehicle.
2. According to the way of power supply, we can divide it into two categories, one is to connect external power supply to obtain power, and the other is to use fuel cells, energy storage devices and other electric vehicles as power.
3. According to the driving method, it can be divided into pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and fuel cell electric vehicles.
4. Classified according to usage, can be divided into electric vehicles, electric tricycles and electric bicycles