Various electric car purchase methods


The first is face. When you identify a brand or a car, […]

The first is face. When you identify a brand or a car, the first thing is of course the appearance. The craftsmanship and level of the paint directly affects the first impression of the car. The paint used contains primer, topcoat and varnish. Different brands of paint directly affect the final effect. Of course, we have no way to know the paint brand that the vehicle uses when choosing a car, but we can judge the quality of the paint according to the effect of the paint. Good paint, the surface is transparent and the color is deep and natural. There should be no uneven color, chromatic aberration and large areas of pitting or bumps. The decal process is smooth and the paint is evenly covered. In the sun, the color of the lacquer is bright and colorful, and the shade is lacquered. If you find it difficult to understand, the easiest way to do this is to take a few more stores. The same color of the car is more contrasted and it feels like it will come out soon. The most important point is to consider the UV resistance of the paint. Many automotive paints do not contain UV-resistant paint. After long-term exposure to the sun, the car will gradually fade, especially white paint, which is more prone to fading or discoloration. Because such problems cannot be judged immediately, you can observe the car's exhibition car whether there is fading problem and make a basic assessment.
Followed by Lizi. The structure of the whole vehicle is very simple. The basic unit is the frame, plastic parts, shock absorption, battery, controller and motor. The quality of the frame is particularly critical, and many users are not too concerned about the quality of the frame, as this part is difficult to observe. However, the quality of the frame directly determines the safety performance of the vehicle. Here are several ways to verify the frame. Firstly, observe the welding level of the frame inside the vehicle plastic parts. If there are any cases of false welding and desoldering, the quality of the frame is not ideal. Secondly, observe whether the frame has rust marks, because the frame needs a process called electrophoresis to prevent rust. Many frame manufacturers only need to spray black paint without electrophoresis in order to control the cost. If the new car has rust, The problem, that is, the quality of the frame electrophoresis is abnormal. Finally, test the car, drive at high speed and then brake urgently. See if the frame is shaking from side to side. If the shaking is very strong, it means that the quality of the frame is not good, and there is a safety hazard. Because the electric vehicle market is mixed, the frame is hidden inside the vehicle and cannot be directly inspected. Therefore, many manufacturers do not strictly control the quality of the frame. Picking a good frame is very important for the whole car. There is also a simple method. If the vehicle is removed, the weight can be lifted. The more important the vehicle is, the more solid the material is, and the better the safety performance is.