The role of the buzzer sound of old scooters


With the acceleration of the aging of the population, t […]

With the acceleration of the aging of the population, the scooters of the old age have already entered everyone's horizons. It is well known that the scooters of the old age are a popular four-wheeled electric scooter for the elderly because of its unique structure and characteristics. The inconveniences are favored and used by many people, providing a cost-effective special tool for many people to travel, to meet the needs of the usual needs, such as elderly outing activities, usually out.
Older scooters can make our trips more cost-effective, trouble-free, safe, clean, convenient, stylish and environmentally friendly. However, in the daily operation process, we may ignore some important points of the old scooters. Today, Schulz USA will explain to you in detail that we use the number of buzzer sounds to identify the fault area:
One beep: Check the battery level or the battery terminals for poor contact.
When two beeps: Check the terminals and wires of the motor section.
Three times: Whether the motor gear box is in contact with the ground.
Four beeps: Whether the scooter push function is on.
Five tones: None.
Six beeps: Whether the speed limit switch is on (not used).
Seven beeps: Whether the lever part is malfunctioning.
Eight beeps: The controller has malfunctioned.
Nine sounds: The electromagnetic brake part is malfunctioning.
Ten beeps: The battery voltage is too high. (Change parameters