Solid and pneumatic tires of older scooters


We all know that the tires of the old scooters have sol […]

We all know that the tires of the old scooters have solid tires and pneumatic tires. So, which kind of solid tires and inflatable tires for elderly scooters are durable?
Electric scooter manufacturers can tell you with certainty that the old scooters are definitely more durable with solid tires.
 The solid type travels quickly on flat ground, is not easy to blast, and easy to push, but it travels on potholes, has large vibration, and is not easy to pull out when it is stuck in a groove the same width as the tire;
Inflatable inner tube is more difficult to push and easy to puncture, but the vibration is less than solid; tubeless inflatable type will not puncture because there is no inner tube, and it is also inflated and comfortable to sit, but it is harder to push than solid tire.
 Electric old scooter solid tires have the following characteristics, you can refer to:
  1. No fear of puncture, no need to pump up, avoid the pain of wheelbarrow repair.
  2. Good buffering performance, making exercise safer and more stable.
  3. Not affected by climate, and will never burst due to overheating in summer.
However, in terms of shock absorption and comfort, the inflated tires are good, not upside down, and the pushing time is relatively lighter.
From a cost-effective point of view, it is also a good tire.
From the economic consideration of the use of the engine, pneumatic tires are better. Inflatable tires and solid tires each have their own advantages. I hope that friends can choose a durable and comfortable tire suitable for their electric scooter.