Precautions for charging electric wheelchairs


First, remember to charge the Disabled electric tricycl […]

First, remember to charge the Disabled electric tricycle at a high temperature.

In the sweltering heat, the electric wheelchair itself will generate a certain amount of heat during the driving process. At this time, if the electric wheelchair is forcibly charged without being fully cooled first, it will aggravate the lack of fluid and water loss of the battery, thereby affecting its performance. The service life increases the risk of battery bulging;

Tips: Stop the electric wheelchair for more than half an hour, and charge it after the battery has cooled down sufficiently. It is also strictly prohibited to charge in the sun.

Second, remember to use a mismatched charger to charge the electric wheelchair

Using a mismatched charger to charge the electric wheelchair may cause damage to the charger or battery damage. Typically, a charger with a large output current is used to charge a small current, which will easily cause the battery to bulge.

Tips: If your charger is damaged or lost, remember not to find a similar one to charge the electric wheelchair. It is best to go to the manufacturer to buy the original charger to charge the electric wheelchair.

The following areas must be periodically inspected and maintained:
Battery electrode connection
● Make sure that the electrode connection is tight and there is no corrosion.
● The battery must be placed flat in the battery holder.

Wire connector
● Regularly check all wire connections.
● Regularly check the insulation of all wires, including the charger power plug.
● Repair or replace damaged connectors and connectors.

ABS plastic shell
● The control panel, front cover, pedals, rear shell, etc., are all made of durable ABS plastic, and the surface is painted. Do not use oil or other chemical liquids when wiping the car. Do not flush directly with a tap to prevent damage to electrical components.
Scooter bearings and motor/transmission parts
● The component has been lubricated and used in a sealed enclosure, so there is no need to inject lubricating oil.
● Avoid all electrical components from getting wet. Such as control panels, chargers, electrical controllers and other components.
● If some components are damp, they must be dried before use.