Pick an electric wheelchair for the elderly


Because of the convenience, the electric wheelchair bri […]

Because of the convenience, the electric wheelchair brings benefits to elderly friends and some disabled people. But in the face of such diverse electric wheelchairs on the market, what should we choose to make electric wheelchairs that satisfy the elderly?
The first thing to look at is what kind of wheelchair is right for you. It depends on how well it performs. We can get a clear understanding of the electric wheelchair from the maximum speed, braking performance and balance of the wheelchair provided by the merchant.
Second, a good wheelchair must have a good material, and the material determines its price. Ordinary electric wheelchairs are made of aluminum alloy, steel and iron. The aluminum alloy is specially treated and has high strength. The material advantage is that it is both strong and lightweight. Steel wheelchairs are cumbersome and may not be easy to carry. Iron wheelchairs are almost invisible on the market, because we know that iron will oxidize and oxidize will rust.
Third, wheelchairs are divided into domestic and imported. Domestic wheelchairs are lower in price than imported wheelchairs. Because imported wheelchairs involve related tax rates, and the functionality of imported wheelchairs is relatively complete, the price will be higher. In fact, Xiao Bian personally suggested that if it is purchased for the elderly in the home, domestic wheelchairs will suffice, and its functions can basically meet the needs of the elderly.
The last thing is to pay attention to the after-sales service of the wheelchair. It is generally necessary to look at the after-sales maintenance of the wheelchair manufacturer and how to guarantee the service. You can make multiple comparisons at the time of purchase, so I believe you will pick a wheelchair that suits you.