• Cycling safety precautions

    Cycling safety precautions

    ● Do not operate the scooter until you have fully read and understood the user manual. ● Do not drive passengers or drink and drive. ● Do not leave the keys on the car when the contemporary scooter is unattended. ● Make sure the seat is locked and fixed in place. ● When driving on uneven rock or sof... Read More

    23-04-2020 News
  • Misunderstanding of battery charging in electric tricycle

    Misunderstanding of battery charging in electric tricycle

    Sometimes users may ask how the battery is damaged too fast, whether the battery with reduced capacity can be repaired, how to maintain the battery, etc. Here, the following are the reasons for the battery damage, battery repair and maintenance: 1. "Overcharge" causes damage to the battery "Overchar... Read More

    15-04-2020 News
  • Electric car charging considerations(2)

    Electric car charging considerations(2)

    If the charging "posture" is not correct, it will also cause great damage to the battery. Now we use electric vehicles, which are usually used during the day and rushed at night. This is no problem in itself. But if you can wait for an hour to start charging after you get home, it will be of great b... Read More

    09-04-2020 News
  • Electric car charging considerations(1)

    Electric car charging considerations(1)

    Do n’t charge electric cars like this anymore. No wonder the batteries are becoming less and less durable. It ’s not too late to change With the development of social economy, people's quality of life has been greatly improved, and their lives have improved. With the economic foundation in their han... Read More

    03-04-2020 News
  • Product features of electric wheelchair

    Product features of electric wheelchair

    1. Intelligent operation control lever, which can be controlled by both left and right hands 2. The wheelchair armrest is also lifted, and the pedals can be adjusted and removed. 3.Using PU solid tires, waterproof and breathable seat cushions, seat belts 4. Lithium battery drive, can be recharged re... Read More

    28-03-2020 News