Method of extending battery life(2)


4. Pay attention to battery waterproof Nowadays in the […]

4. Pay attention to battery waterproof
Nowadays in the summer, the rain will become more and more, users need to prevent the battery from getting water. If the battery is wet, wipe it off with a dry cloth. Never allow the battery to be charged in a state of water, nor can it be charged with water.
V. Choose a big brand battery
There are some brand-name batteries in the market. Because of the low price, some consumers will buy them. However, these miscellaneous batteries are often of poor quality, resulting in a period of use, the battery is broken, and they have to buy again, waste money and waste. Time, it is better to directly choose the battery of the big brand, and have quality assurance, and the life expectancy will be longer.
In addition to the above five points, users should try to avoid overloading during the daily use of electric tricycles. Overloading has a great impact on the life of the battery. Generally, the battery can be used for about three years. Because the load is heavy, it can be used for one and a half years. Many can only be used for one year or so. Overloading will not only cause damage to the electric tricycle battery, but also prone to safety accidents. In any case, safety is the first!