Method of extending battery life(1)


Electric tricycles have become an indispensable vehicle […]

Electric tricycles have become an indispensable vehicle for the daily travel and transportation of the public. The battery is the main energy supply part of the electric tricycle, which determines the battery life and power of the electric tricycle. Nowadays, when the handover is in spring and summer, Xiaobian reminds you that timely and correct maintenance can effectively extend the service life of electric tricycle batteries.
first,Pay attention to battery accessories
When the electric tricycle is charging, it is necessary to use a special matching special charger, which can complete the charging more quickly and ensure that the battery is not damaged. Users should never use inferior and unsupported chargers to avoid damaging the battery of electric tricycles.
Second, pay attention to charging time
For charging electric tricycle batteries, the charging time is generally controlled at 8-10 hours. When not in a hurry, try not to use a fast charging device on the roadside. Because the quick charging device will deliver too much current to the battery in a short time, it is easy to damage the battery.
Third, pay attention to the completion of charging
Be sure to wait until the green light of the charger is on before you can unplug the charger. Some users did not unplug the charger in time because of negligence or laziness. When I think about it and pull the charger, I find that the charger is hot. If it is serious, the electric battery will bulge.