Method for protecting electric vehicle battery


The battery is the most important part of the electric […]

The battery is the most important part of the electric tricycle accessories. The quality of the battery directly affects the entire electric tricycle. Therefore, we should protect the battery when using it. Under the condition of overload, the problem of poor commutation is easy to occur, and a magnetic short circuit is formed, thereby burning the controller and the Hall component, so the influence of the overload on the brushless motor is also large. So how can we protect the battery when we use it?
First of all, we can add distilled water: when the battery car battery has been used for 6 months, when the battery car journey begins to shrink, we can add distilled water.
Second. The battery should be used with the charge: the battery is most afraid of losing electricity, we must always maintain sufficient power to extend the battery life. Pay attention to the charging, the indicator light of the charger is green light first, then the green light should be guaranteed to float for 2 hours, which is good for suppressing battery vulcanization.
Finally, we need to add a nano-carbon sol battery activator. The battery car is not uphill, the stroke is reduced by 1/3 or when the battery of the battery has been used for about one year. We should add a nano-carbon sol battery activator to extend the life of the battery.