Maintenance method of electric tricycle controller(2)


Method 3: View the main chip. Find the PWM output posit […]

Method 3: View the main chip. Find the PWM output position from the board, turn the handle, and measure whether the voltage value at that point changes (typically 0-5 V). If there is no change, it can be judged that the chip is damaged. If it is normal, continue searching later.
Method 4: View the power tube drive circuit. Turn the handle to measure whether the gate voltage of the MOS tube changes from small to large (typically 0-12V or 0-15V). If there is no change, it means that in addition to the problem, the drive circuit finds the damaged component for replacement, and the fault is eliminated. If the change is normal, there is no problem with the drive circuit. At this point, the cause of the fault can be judged to be an open circuit damage to the MOS power tube.
The above is the main maintenance method for electric vehicle control. If the life of electric vehicles is longer for us, we need to care for each part during use, so that electric vehicles can bring us more convenience.