Maintenance method of electric tricycle controller(1)


At present, electric vehicles mainly include electric b […]

At present, electric vehicles mainly include electric bicycles, electric two-wheeled motorcycles, electric tricycles, electric three-wheeled motorcycles, electric four-wheeled vehicles, battery vehicles, etc. Electric vehicle controllers also have different performances due to different models. Features electric vehicle controller repair method. Let's take a look at the maintenance methods for electric vehicle control:
Method 1: Check the power management circuit and use a multimeter to measure whether the output voltage of each point is correct. If there is a problem, find the damaged component and replace it. If the voltage at each point is normal, look for other aspects.
Method 2: View the interface to external features. Focus on finding the interface part with the handle and brake lever. Find the switch input pin on the master chip, turn the handle, and measure whether the voltage value at that point changes from small to large (typically 1-4V). If there is no change, it means that there is a problem with the input circuit. If it is normal, find the brake input pin on the main control chip, measure whether the voltage of the foot is normal, and judge whether there is a problem with the input circuit of the brake.