Main items for maintenance and repair of electric elderly scooters(2)


Fuses and tires If the fuse turns on the battery charge […]

Fuses and tires
If the fuse turns on the battery charger switch, the LED does not light up. Check the fuse. It is recommended that the steering wheel cover be removed before replacing the fuse, so we need to seek our help when inspecting or replacing the fuse.
Please check the tread depth regularly. Tires The condition of tires depends on how you drive and use an electric elderly scooter. If the tread depth is less than 25mm, the tire should be replaced.
I When the tread depth of an electric elderly scooter is less than 25 mm, the car is likely to skid, resulting in longer braking distances. Therefore, if the tread depth is found to be insufficient, the tire should be replaced as soon as possible.
The tires of the electric elderly scooter are solid tires, so there is no need to check the tire pressure.
If you plan to drive on grass, sand, gravel, or other harsh environments, you must often repair electric scooters for the elderly. Do not use water, oil, or other chemical solutions to clean the scooter; do not spray the scooter with a water pipe or tap, which may cause damage to electrical components and controllers. Please send the electric elderly scooter to our factory for repair and adjustment. Improper adjustment may cause accidents or malfunction of the scooter. Use a soft, wrung cloth to remove dust to keep it clean, and use a natural or mild detergent to clean the scooter.
Note: When servicing an electric elderly scooter, turn the power switch to OFF and remove the charger harness. Suggestions: 1. Do not spray and wash the electric elderly scooter directly with water, to avoid causing the electrical system to malfunction. 2. Do not use gasoline, solvents, or easily evaporated solutions to clean the scooter for the elderly, which may damage or deform the cover. 3. Do not use wax.