Main items for maintenance and repair of electric elderly scooters(1)


Before driving an electric elderly scooter, check the f […]

Before driving an electric elderly scooter, check the following. If abnormality is found, please contact the dealer for further inspection or ask for suggestions before use.
Steering rod: Is it loose? Is it flexible to turn left and right?
Speed Dial: Can it be adjusted freely and operate normally?
Speed control handle: press the handle, does the scooter move? Let go of the handle, does the scooter stop?
Battery indicator: Is the battery indicator on when the power is turned on? Is the remaining power sufficient?
Speaker: Does the speaker work?
Check the electric elderly scooter tires for cracks or other damage? Check the tread depth. Is there abnormal noise? Is there any oil leakage from the drive box? Note: If abnormality is found, contact us for further inspection and repair. Regular inspection records: In order to ensure that your scooter can better serve you, it should be inspected regularly. If you find that the scooter is abnormal, please contact us in time. Recommendation: Even if the electric elderly scooter is not used for a long time, it should be regularly inspected.