How to use the electric car alarm


   Nowadays, electric vehicles are becoming more and mo […]

   Nowadays, electric vehicles are becoming more and more advanced. In the past, to prevent theft, there was a lock on the front wheel and a lock on the rear wheel. A battery lock was also required. However, some still cannot prevent theft. But now they all have their own alarms, but many consumers don't know how to control such alarms, and they always sound when they shouldn't sound, which is embarrassing. Below, our electric car manufacturer lists the instructions for using electric car alarms.

   1. There are generally four buttons on the electric car alarm remote control, unlock, unlock, bell, lightning, and bell is to adjust the alarm sensitivity! The lightning button is used to open the switch remotely. Operation method 1 When locked, press and hold the bell key, and when you hear the car calling 4 sounds, it is 4 levels of sensitivity. Press again - 3 sounds again - 2 sounds again - 1 sound. Again-5 sounds, yes Cyclic, the first level is that the alarm does not sound, only the wheels are automatically locked and reversed

  2. When the car is turned off when the key is removed, press the horn button twice in succession, your car will call, and then the power will be turned on, that is, the car can run without inserting the key.

  3 .After the remote control is over, the car is about to be turned off, you just press the unlock button and the car is turned off.

   Although different remote controls may operate slightly differently, the overall operation of this key is similar.

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