How to repair electric three wheeled motorcycle tires


  We will encounter unexpected situations when riding e […]

  We will encounter unexpected situations when riding electric three wheeled motorcycle. For example, what should we do if the tires are punctured? The following Four-wheel electric vehicle manufacturers will tell you how to repair the tires of electric vehicles.

   1. Use a screwdriver and other tools to open the tire, and use clean water to find the air leak.

  2. After finding the leak, use a file to evenly file out a small area on the leaking surface to clean the surface

  3. This is where you can apply glue, let it rest for about half a minute, and go to the special patch for tire repair

  4. Gently touch the corner first, and press it down slowly to avoid bubbles in the middle, let it stand for half a minute, press it hard, and check it.


How to distinguish whether an electric car is a tubeless tire or an ordinary tire from the appearance:

   First, look at the tire valve. The tubeless tire valve and the rim are sealed by rubber, while ordinary tires do not need to be closed. Most of them are ordinary metal valves.

   The second is to see if there is a TUBELESS logo on the tire, which is a symbol of tubeless tires. Another point is that if the wheel rim is spoked, it is definitely not a tubeless tire.

   Vacuum tires are tubeless pneumatic tires, also known as "low pressure tires" and "pneumatic tires". In recent years, vacuum tires have been increasingly used on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks. Vacuum tires have high elasticity and wear resistance, and have good adhesion and heat dissipation performance. Especially all-steel radial vacuum wheels, due to their economy and durability, are promoted by the National Economic Committee and the National Tire Association to the logistics and transportation industry.