How to repair electric three-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles


The main points of judging whether the electrical motor […]

The main points of judging whether the electrical motorbike is good or bad

The three wires of the handlebar are red positive, black negative, and green signal. (There are also multiple wires). Pay attention to multiple wires. The three wires with the same color gap are the wires for the handlebar measurement.
When the wiring is correct, turn on the power lock and adjust the universal meter to the DC voltage range of 20V. The black test lead is connected to the negative pole, and the red test lead is connected to the controller to supply whether there is a voltage of about 5v between the positive and negative poles of the converter.
If the voltage is normal, then move the red test lead to the signal line, and measure whether there is a voltage of about 1v (right handle). Turn the handle slowly to the end to see if the voltage on the universal meter rises slowly from about 1v to If there are people around 4.2v, this switch is a good one.
If there is no voltage between the positive and negative of the measuring handle or the voltage is only about 1v or 2v, then disconnect the connection between the handle and the controller and directly measure the difference between the positive and negative supply of the controller from the controller Voltage, if the measured voltage is about 5V, then the handle is broken and replace the handle.

How to repair the tubeless tire of an Four-wheel electric vehicle

The tire and the rim are separated. Generally, the tire is flat and cannot support the rim. It will definitely come out after driving for a while. You may not find the air leak or it was punctured. Tubeless tyre repair is much faster than inner and outer tyres. As long as you find a leak on the outside and hit the colloid bomb into the leak, the colloid bomb will spread inward like an umbrella. Block the air leak, add vacuum liquid (what you call liquid, used to prevent slight air leakage and high temperature), inflate the internal high pressure, and it can be used normally. However, if the leak is generally more than 2 cm long, it cannot be repaired, which means that a large hole cannot be repaired, and the colloid bomb is not that big.