How to maintain electric bicycles after rain


It rains and brings a lot of inconvenience to people wh […]

It rains and brings a lot of inconvenience to people who travel, especially those who ride electric bicycles. Then let's summarize how to maintain electric bicycles after rain.

First: Pay attention to the controller when it rains

After wading and driving, if there is not a lot of water in the controller, it can be placed in a ventilated place to dry before use. If a large amount of water enters the controller, it should be repaired at the relevant maintenance station in time to prevent short circuit of the power supply and burning of the transmission and motor.

Second: Dry in time after rain

When storing an electric bicycle in the open, it is best to remove the battery and store it indoors. After the electric bicycle is exposed to the rain, do not rush into the battery to connect to the power source, this practice may cause a short circuit. After heavy rain, the electric bicycle can be placed in a ventilated place to dry. Before putting in the battery and powering on it, wipe the battery and the connection socket with a rag or paper towel to avoid power connection.

Third: Pay attention to tires on rainy days

Rainy weather tires need to pay attention to the rainy weather, the ground is easy to slip, pay attention to timely replacement of tires when traveling, it is best to choose tires with drainage patterns.

 Fourth: Dry the battery before charging

If the battery is accidentally wetted by rain, do not rush to charge it. You should wait for it to dry before charging.

Fifth: Parked in rainy days to cover
When parking an electric bicycle on a rainy day, it is best to cover it with a plastic sheet to protect the electric bicycle controller from rain.