How to choose a wheelchair for severe disabled people(1)


Choosing the right wheelchair for severely disabled peo […]

Choosing the right wheelchair for severely disabled people can not only improve the body function of the physically handicapped, improve their quality of life, but also enable them to better participate in social life and integrate into society. Below we will explain some disability.
First, paraplegia
In addition to the high-level chest injury, the balance control problem of the trunk should be considered. The requirements for wheelchairs are basically the same for all types of paraplegic patients. The specifications of the seats are determined by body measurements. Stepped short armrests are generally used and caster locks are installed. If you need to complete the transfer from the rear, you can put a zipper on the backrest or choose a wheelchair with a tiltable backrest; if you need to transfer from the side, you should use a detachable handrail; if you have a squat or a squat, you need to add an ankle strap. Heel ring; when the road surface condition of the living environment is good, solid tires can be used to increase the speed, and the thicker cushion is used for shockproof.
Second, quadriplegia
For C4 and above, the air-controlled or mandible-controlled electric wheelchair or the rim operated by the caregiver can be selected; the lower limit of C5 can be operated by the buckling force of the upper limb, so the forearm-controlled high-back electric wheelchair can be selected. A good manual wheelchair is available.
Those with orthostatic hypotension should use a tiltable high-back wheelchair to install the headrest; and use the open and close removable footrest with adjustable knee angle. The axle should be as far back as possible, install the dump bar, and choose a thicker cushion.