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Nowadays, many electric car dealers have walked out of […]

Nowadays, many electric car dealers have walked out of specialty stores and started to conduct trade-in sales activities outdoors. It has been learned from the electric vehicle store that the promotion of the concept of waste recycling has become the main form of promotional activities. However, is trade-in really as affordable as it seems? In the process of trade-in, what are the hidden dangers of consumption?



  According to a staff member, the valuation of old electric vehicles brought to consumers by merchants is generally lower than their reuse value. If it is sold normally, this electric car may be sold for 300 yuan, but the merchant will only give consumers 150 yuan, and the valuation will definitely be at least 50% lower. Otherwise, where does the merchant’s profit come from?
   In addition, for all electric vehicles that are traded in for new ones, most consumers only have payment receipts in their hands, but they cannot get the invoices for new vehicles. Merchants think that the redemption price is low, so they no longer provide invoices. As a result, there is a problem. The legitimate rights and interests of consumers cannot be protected by the receipt of electric car dealers alone. For example, when an old-for-new electric vehicle is lost, when it is filed with the Public Security Bureau, the staff will also ask citizens to provide relevant purchase certificates. If they cannot be provided, they will basically not be accepted.
   But nowadays, many businesses choose to repair and re-sell used electric vehicles, which not only increases the safety risks of electric vehicles themselves, but also is not responsible for the personal safety of cyclists. At the same time, it is also an irresponsible behavior to the original owners of used electric vehicles. Therefore,electric scooter manufacturers are here to remind everyone that you must not listen to the merchants. If you want to buy an electric vehicle, you must go to a manufacturer that specializes in producing electric vehicles to ensure your legal rights.