Fresh-keeping skills of old scooters


Fresh-keeping skills of old scooters The charging time […]

Fresh-keeping skills of old scooters
The charging time of the old scooters is controlled: Do not charge it for too long in normal times. In summer, the battery has a high probability of thermal runaway. It is based on time, preferably 5-8 hours, and winter charging is about 8-10 hours. It is best to add battery replenishment at the age of one and a half to two years to extend its life.
 Develop good charging habits:
 (1) Do not wait until the electricity is used up before recharging, so as not to shorten the battery life due to "deep discharge".
 (2) Do not charge with the battery upside down.
 (3) Use the matching charger for charging.
 (4) Avoid high temperature and humidity during charging. Do not let water enter the charger to prevent electric shock.
   3, usually riding tips.
   When riding an electric scooter, you should pay attention to moving slowly, not to accelerate too fast, to avoid large instantaneous current and strain the battery, and to avoid hitting hard objects.
   Reasonable "maintenance" of electric scooter motors
   1. Pay attention to the riding belt without brake. The riding motor with brake is heated to cause the magnetic steel to demagnetize, which causes the car to become weak and shortens the cruising range.
   2. Repair the motor in time and check the bearings. In order to avoid the steel particles rolling out of the bearing to cut off the coil, causing the motor to be scrapped,
   3. Try not to ride in places with water. The electric scooter motor is not as closed as we think, the water is easy to enter, and it is difficult to come out. The magnetic steel will rust when it is not available for a long time.