Electric wheelchairs meet the needs of the crowd


Electric wheelchairs meet the needs of the crowd! The e […]

Electric wheelchairs meet the needs of the crowd! The electric wheelchairs produced can maximize the adaptation (and even guide) of the needs of consumers, solve the troubles they encounter during use, and supplement the marketing and publicity with accurate positioning to maximize the market. Through continuous deep cultivation, combined with the joint development of research and development, marketing and services, it has established a strong brand competitiveness. In the end, we will develop a larger consumer market, significantly increase production capacity and achieve scale advantages.
1, electromagnetic brake: when the electric can only brake!!!
2, tires: always pay attention to whether the tire pressure is normal, this is the most basic.
3, chair cover and back: use warm water and diluted soapy water to wash the seat cover, leather back.
4, lubrication and general maintenance: Always use a lubricant to maintain the wheelchair, but do not use too much to avoid oil stains on the floor. Always maintain general maintenance and check that the screws and screws are secure.
5. Normally wipe the car body with water to avoid placing the electric wheelchair in a damp place and avoid hitting the controller, especially the rocker. When transporting the electric wheelchair, please protect the controller strictly when the controller receives food or When the beverage is contaminated, please clean it immediately and wipe it with a diluted cleaning solution to avoid using detergents such as powder or alcohol.