Electric vehicle charging should pay attention to these problems


In the summer, high temperatures are coming, and electr […]

In the summer, high temperatures are coming, and electric vehicles are often charged with fires. Remember these 4 points to keep you away from danger.
The first point: check the battery of the electric car regularly, not to check every day, but also pay attention to check it every few days, and if the mileage of the electric car suddenly drops, then it should be noted that this may be the battery. The problem, don't care, or the electric car will cause trouble if it is caused by spontaneous combustion.
The second point: master the charging time, because everyone is working during the day, so the electric car is charged when you come back at night, you must remember to pull the charging plug on time, the charging time is not too long, many people It is because the battery life is reduced because the driver does not forget to unplug the charging plug the next day.
The third point: avoid high temperature exposure, if the electric vehicle is exposed to the sun for a long time, then this will make the battery pressure become larger, and it will easily appear bulging, deformation, etc. when charging, and it can also cause spontaneous combustion during charging.
The fourth point: Do not change the charger at will, each electric car has its own charger, do not mix these chargers, so it is easy to cause battery drums and other conditions, reduce the battery life, if the electric car self-ignition zone It is not good to come to the fire.