Electric scooter road rights problem


Electric scooter "road rights" problem. China's current […]

Electric scooter "road rights" problem. China's current technical standards for electric scooters and electric bicycles were formulated more than ten years ago. Important technical indicators affecting traffic safety, such as body weight, motor power, and battery voltage, need to be “advanced with the times”. Relevant departments should increase their efforts to grasp the source, so that the production steps of electric scooters and electric bicycles should not be “exceeded”. To solve the "road rights" problem. Behind the high incidence of electric bicycle traffic accidents is the dispute over the rights of cars and pedestrians. Many sections do not separate the motorway and the non-motorized lane, causing the electric bicycle to travel on the motorway or rush to the sidewalk, causing an accident.
The extensive management mode of comprehensively banned in the difficult management of management is contrary to the principle of innovation-oriented social management based on people-oriented and service-oriented. Any means of transportation on the road, whether it is a car or a bicycle, can cause safety hazards due to driver's illegal driving, so this should not be the reason for depriving motorcyclists of road rights.