Electric car charging considerations(2)


If the charging "posture" is not correct, it will also […]

If the charging "posture" is not correct, it will also cause great damage to the battery. Now we use electric vehicles, which are usually used during the day and rushed at night. This is no problem in itself. But if you can wait for an hour to start charging after you get home, it will be of great benefit to the battery. Because the internal temperature of the Four-wheel electric vehicle battery will continue to rise during use, if it is just stopped and charged, the electrolyte inside the battery will be seriously lost.
The electrolyte is mainly composed of dilute sulfuric acid and water. If the battery is directly charged when the internal temperature is high, the water in the electrolyte will be evaporated, but the acid will not. We can add distilled water to improve the battery's endurance. In addition, when charging, we try to use the original charger or the charger that meets the battery voltage of our own electric car for charging, which also has great benefits for the battery.
If the electric car will not be used for a long time, try to charge it once every 20 days or so to avoid placing the battery under low voltage. One thing to note is the charging time. We can charge for another two hours after the indicator light of the charger changes and then power off, so as to ensure that the internal voltage is more stable.