Easily master the driving skills of electric tricycles(2)


4. When driving on ice and snow roads, you should be mo […]

4. When driving on ice and snow roads, you should be more vigilant and drive at a constant speed. You must not slam in the direction or apply emergency braking. If necessary, a chain can be added.
5. Try not to start the electric car at zero load or uphill, it is best to use human power to drive it. When there is a certain speed, it will switch to pure electric driving. Because when starting, the motor must first overcome the static friction force. At this time, the current is large, close to or even reaches the stall current, which causes the battery to work at high current and accelerates the battery damage.
6. If the electric tricycle encounters rough or steep roads, drive slowly or get out of the car. Avoid frequent braking and starting when driving, so it is best to drive at low speed in places with a lot of people.
7. Electric tricycles are not afraid of rain, but in order to prevent water from entering the motor, the height of the water involved cannot exceed the lower edge of the electric hub bearing seat. After riding on a rainy day, dry electrical components such as motors as soon as possible to prevent short circuits or leakage.