Easily master the driving skills of electric tricycles(1)


1. Driving on uneven dirt and rocky roads, try to use l […]

1. Driving on uneven dirt and rocky roads, try to use low gears and slow speeds. When possible, you should use a curve driving method to bypass the pits, bumps, and sharp points. If necessary, you can take a squat position to drive with both hands Keep the handlebars stable, and the occupants should try their best to stay in the back position to make it easier for the host car to choose a good road surface and reduce the pressure on the sidecars to avoid side wheel damage.
2. When driving on a field road, the main vehicle should try to open up the soft road as much as possible. The field roads after the rain should pay attention to the collapse and non-slip.
3. Driving on Panshan Road, most of Panshan Road is leaning on one side and slopes on the other side, and the road surface is narrow. Sometimes the sand and stones piled down from the mountain by rain will form a barricade. Under this kind of road conditions, try to stay inside as much as possible, and the occupants should also be inside. When the main car is inside, take the back seat, while riding the side seat while riding, always weight inward. First, keep the electric tricycle running smoothly, and try to control the speed of the car on the basis of speed. Slow down when cornering, and let the horns pass first;