Determine the quality of the new electric tricycle


Check the quality of vehicle assembly mainly includes: […]

Check the quality of vehicle assembly mainly includes:
1. All kinds of screws are fastened in place, no looseness;
2. The handlebars, wheels, chains, cranks and ankles should be flexible, the rim should be at an average speed, and the round runout should be small;
3. Handlebars, saddles, mud boards, hangers, brackets should be installed positively or symmetrically, without obvious deflection; moving parts (such as chains, wheels, etc.) and moving parts (such as chain covers, mud boards, etc.) ) can't have a touch;
4. The electric door key and battery lock should be tried and used, which is safe, reliable and convenient to use. Electric door locks, battery locks, toolbox locks should be the most convenient for a universal key;
5. Open the electric door, turn the shifting handle, check the stepless shifting and braking (brake) power off and braking effect, and check whether the motor runs smoothly and the sound is normal;
6. Multi-function and luxury electric bikes also check to see if all the functions are in good condition.