Cycling safety precautions


● Do not operate the scooter until you have fully read […]

● Do not operate the scooter until you have fully read and understood the user manual.
● Do not drive passengers or drink and drive.
● Do not leave the keys on the car when the contemporary scooter is unattended.
● Make sure the seat is locked and fixed in place.
● When driving on uneven rock or soft ground, slow down.
● When turning around a corner, slow down.
● When driving on a slope, do not park your car on the slope.
● When driving to the bottom of the slope or just approaching the slope, raised ground, unprotected edge zone (such as roadside, portico, stairs, etc.), please drive carefully.
● It is forbidden to change the initial settings of the scooter and modify the scooter.
● When driving on busy streets, markets or shopping malls, please drive with caution. It is forbidden to drive on unsafe areas and legally prohibited roads. Please consult the local government or national agency for traffic rules for scooters.
● Hold the handle with both hands while driving, and place both feet on the foot pedal.
● It is forbidden to place the scooter as a seat on a moving vehicle.
● When the contemporary scooter is placed on other vehicles for transportation, please ensure the safety of the battery.
● It is forbidden to climb or drive along the edge of the road, otherwise it will permanently damage the vehicle
● Do not drive beyond the maximum slope of the vehicle
● Do not carry passengers or carry more than the maximum weight
● Do not reverse the car on uneven slopes or ground, please cross the slope carefully.