Care and maintenance of elderly scooters


The following areas must be periodically inspected and […]

The following areas must be periodically inspected and maintained:
Battery electrode connection
● Make sure the electrode connection is tight and free of corrosion.
● The battery must be placed flat in the battery holder.
Wire connector
● Regularly check all wire connections.
● Regularly check the insulation of all wires, including the power plug of the charger.
● Repair or replace damaged connectors and connectors.

ABS plastic shell
● The control panel, front body cover, pedals, rear shell, etc. are made of durable ABS plastic with a surface painted. Do not use oil or other chemical liquids when wiping the car. Do not rinse directly with a water tap to prevent damage to electrical components.
Scooter bearings and motors / transmission parts
● The component has been filled with lubricating oil, closed use, no need to inject lubricating oil.
● Avoid all electrical components from getting wet. Such as control panel, charger, electrical controller and other components.
● If some components are damp, they must be dried before use.