Attention factor when purchasing an electric car


Shock absorption is a key component that affects comfor […]

Shock absorption is a key component that affects comfort. It is divided into front and rear shock absorption. There are many ways to reduce the shock before inspection. Here is a common method. When riding on an electric car, it will accelerate to the maximum speed, then suddenly the front brake. The front shock absorber will compress immediately due to the inertia of the vehicle itself. At this time, the hand grips the brake lever. The body is pressed down with the shock absorber to sense whether the shock absorption is in the end. If the shock absorption is in the end, the shock absorption effect is very poor, and the quality of the front shock absorption is not good. The test method of rear shock absorption can be used to ride some speed bumps or gullies, to sense the comfort level through the rear seat, or to quickly press down on the seat cushion in situ to sense the comfort level of shock absorption. Good shock absorption has a downward absorbing function in addition to compression, and shock absorbing rebound should also have a shock absorbing function instead of a hard slamming. The performance of shock absorption directly affects the comfort level of the vehicle. If you don't feel obvious enough, you can ride different brands of different brands to find the feeling.
The choice of battery is also very important, a good battery can greatly reduce the consumer's later use and maintenance costs. The batteries are divided into lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. The price difference of different brands of batteries is relatively large. For lithium batteries, the difference between different categories is greater. The price difference between the second-class batteries and the first-class batteries is very different. It is difficult for the average human eye to distinguish between the quality of the battery, and the price of the battery is very large. Therefore, the battery can be effectively avoided by the brand selection battery. Tianneng and Chaowei are listed companies in the battery industry and are reliable battery brands. In order to avoid buying fakes, consumers can also choose not to buy batteries in the dealership, but choose the battery franchise agency, which can guarantee the quality of the battery.
When it comes to batteries, the quality of the charger is also very critical. Many electric vehicle fire accidents are caused by short-circuiting of the charger. The charger not only directly affects safety, but also has a direct impact on battery life. Many batteries have a lifespan of only one year, not because of the quality of the battery itself, but because consumers have chosen a charger that is not qualified. Long-term overcharge or undercharge leads to shortened battery life. Therefore, choosing a qualified charger is the key to ensure battery life. It is recommended that consumers choose a high-quality charger, which can ensure safety and ensure battery life even when The charger costs 20 yuan more, and the choice of high-end charger is much more cost-effective than the damage caused by the battery.