Electric tricycle frame installation notes


The electric tricycle frame is an important part of the […]

The electric tricycle frame is an important part of the electric tricycle, and it can also be said to be the core part. Then we will introduce the knowledge of this aspect in detail.
1. Try to use symmetrical welding for welding;
2. The height of the weld should be equal to the thickness of the welded part;
3. The weld strength should not be lower than the strength of the weldment base metal;
4. All welded nuts are welded by two points symmetrically, the nut and the bottom hole are centered, and the size of the hole system is ensured;
5. The cab support seat and the upper plate adopt three-point symmetric spot welding;
6. The longitudinal beam stiffener and the longitudinal beam are intermittently welded.
Through the introduction of the above knowledge, we know the precautions for installing the electric tricycle frame and their types. Later, when we select the electric tricycle, we know what kind of frame is better, and when there is an accident. Know how to deal with it, if you still have questions that you don't understand, you can call us.